So who am I or better yet.. What is Gillyweed??  Good question.  First let me answer what is Gillyweed?  Are you familiar with Harry Potter? Silly question right?  Well in the 4th installment of Harry Potter, The Triwizard Tournament takes place and Harry must find a way to swim to the bottom of the lake in order to save his friends.  He swallows Gillyweed which is a magical herb that allows him to breathe underwater.

Now who am I?  Well I am a Florida native that is currently landlocked in Newnan, Ga. (5 hours from the nearest ocean).  Up until November 2010, I owned a very successful boutique called The Vintage-Flea in our downtown Historic district.  When the economy tanked in 2008 I decided to divide our two story retail space into consignment space.. hoping it would alleviate any financial uncertainty.  My plan worked great but I lost my zest for the business even though we were named Best Gift Boutique three years in a row by Lifestyles Magazine.  After 6 years of store ownership I decided to sell it all in pursuit of my bliss... my Gillyweed.

In addition to my Floridian roots, I've also lived near the beaches of Antigua, Philippines, and Jamaica thanks to my Father who was an international Civil Engineer.  I became a Francophile after meeting and marrying my French hunk of a husband, Albert.  We lived for 2 years in the South of France... true bliss!!  With Gillyweed, I have combined my two passions- French & Island style.