Friday, May 27, 2011

a Yummy weekend

I am lucky enough to live in an amazing subdivision with wonderful neighbors and friends.  Not only do we have a 300 acre lake that we go boating on every weekend but our subdivision knows how to throw a party.  Our favorite by far is the 4th of July celebration that the Wheat's throw.  My mom comes up from Florida every year just to go to it if that tells you anything.  We gather our supplies, head out on the lake and anchor the boat near the designated house.. then marvel at the firework display they put out every year over the water.  Simply the best way to see the fireworks!!
photo courtesy from Design Sponge

Like I said above, our subdivision knows how to throw a party and we even have a signature drink... The LRP Margarita.  Try it.. I promise you will soon call it your own!

Easy Breezy Lake Redwine Margarita

1 Can Tequila
1/2 Can Triple Sec
3 Cans Water

Combine in Ziploc freezer bag and lay on side and freeze overnight. Put out at room temp for 15 minutes before serving.

Friday, May 20, 2011

a Yummy weekend...

Since this month I am searching out drink recipes to try over the Memorial Day holiday, I had to find one for my sweet hubby who loves the Bloody Mary.  I think this one looks perfect for him... so raise a glass and enjoy!
Bloody Mary recipe from Over The Hill and On a Roll

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fresh Finds

New goodies have been arriving at Gillyweed!
Hand Made Crochet Headbands, $10 * Turquoise Cross, $16.00 * Soap Spitters (not shown are frog, chicken, pig, bird, and squirrel), $25.00 * Decoupage Glass Trays, $8-14.00 * Shell Ring, $14.00 * 

Are you still looking for a Grad Gift??
"change your thoughs and you change your world" leather wrap bracelets, brown & blue, $12 each
"be cool, stay in school" original encaustic painting by Valerie Dumas, $75

"Be Happy" book, $12
"Five" book, $14

Lenny & Eva inspirational bracelets, $38-40

Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You Make Me Happy....

when skies are grey....  The color combination of grey and yellow is definitely one of my favorites.  I keep telling my sweet husband that when.. that is right when (positive thinking here) we aquire a beach bungalow I will name the bungalow Lemoncholie and deck it out grey and yellow.  Here are some current favs that I found on pinterest.

crochet headbands are back in stock at The Flea

But I would still need a touch of turquoise here and there to make my heart truly sing....


Friday, May 13, 2011

a Yummy weekend...

To continue on with the Cocktail theme this month.. I found this great recipe for Mexican Sangria.  I'm not quite sure of the difference between Spanish Sangria and Mexican Sangria but it looks to good to pass up.  By the way.. I am not a wine drinker which drives my French husband (and his family) crazy but I love a good Sangria... so raise your glass and enjoy!!
Mexican Sangria Recipe from Design Sponge

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Market Day...

I tend not to write many personal posts on this blog.. seem to follow the 80/20 rule that I learned at a blogging seminar many months ago.  (Write 20% about yourself and 80% about other things)  But I couldn't resist showing off my son's Market Day project.  His 3rd grade teacher sent home the "funist" (Brice's words) assignment where they have to pair off and each group gets $40 in play money.  With that money they have to come up with an idea, buy the materials to create the product, rent a booth space for the school Market Day, pay $$ for the taxes, and pay $$ for advertising their product!  What a great lesson on Entrepreneurship!  Originally Brice and his business partner, Allan, wanted to create comic books, a la Captain Underpants.  That idea was taken so they next decided to make masks.... after brainstorming some more they are going to make Mustache Masks!!!!
How cute is that??  This DIY project, courtesy of  Martha Stewart, was so easy for Brice to make.  Here I am, looking like a British dignitary, sporting the Imperial mustache and Brice, such a serious cowboy, has the Horseshoe mustache.  (I swear he was having fun despite the picture.. LOL!)
Mustaches are a hoot!!  I remember my dad sported a mustache with handlebars so long people had to look twice.  He even lathered it up with mustache wax to keep it nice and curled.  What crazy fun!


Friday, May 6, 2011

a Yummy weekend...

With Memorial Day (May 30th) this month, I've decided to dedicated the weekend "Yummy" posts to drinks that I want to try for the upcoming holiday.  I've never cared for the Mojito but this recipe looked so good I definitely will give it another go....So raise a glass with me and enjoy!
This recipe is called... you guessed it The Best Mojito Recipe.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Inventory...

Added some new fun pieces to the online boutique today.. Gillyweed Bliss.  They will be arriving at The Vintage-Flea very soon for all you locals so no need to worry!  First we have this Seashell ring which is so cool you can almost hear the waves!
I love adding a little whimsy to my outfits.. Lizard ring and Starfish ring fit the bill.
Next these leather bracelets are wonderful.  The Wisdom Quote bracelet would be perfect for graduation (comes in blue or brown) and has a wisdom quote on it that says "Change your thoughts and change your world".  The larger 2" wide Leather bracelet has turquoise stones and crystals embedded in it.
I feel like I should be yachting with the Kennedy's in these scarves.. so rich looking.  Stripe scarves come in Slate Grey, Azure Blue and Raspberry Pink.
And my favorite new earrings.. Gold Hoops with Birds.  Do you know the quote "The Llttlest Birds Sings the Prettiest Songs"?? 

I will be adding more items very soon.. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

To Be or Not To Be...

Organized that is!  The art studio, wax, and paint brushes have been calling my name lately... come back Valerie, come back.  Strangely I always get this urge to clean & organize something before I start in on a major project.  Needing to satisfy this urge I remember seeing this great tip from Martha recently...

my before picture

Organize your linen closest by keeping your sheet sets together using pillowcases.  Genius.

So I was able to turn the above messy picture to this well organized, well maintained closet.

I'll be spending the next few days in the art studio and promise to show pictures very soon!
Unless I get side tracked and want to organize my food pantry into this...  

Emerson Made pantry courtesy of Design Sponge