Friday, May 27, 2011

a Yummy weekend

I am lucky enough to live in an amazing subdivision with wonderful neighbors and friends.  Not only do we have a 300 acre lake that we go boating on every weekend but our subdivision knows how to throw a party.  Our favorite by far is the 4th of July celebration that the Wheat's throw.  My mom comes up from Florida every year just to go to it if that tells you anything.  We gather our supplies, head out on the lake and anchor the boat near the designated house.. then marvel at the firework display they put out every year over the water.  Simply the best way to see the fireworks!!
photo courtesy from Design Sponge

Like I said above, our subdivision knows how to throw a party and we even have a signature drink... The LRP Margarita.  Try it.. I promise you will soon call it your own!

Easy Breezy Lake Redwine Margarita

1 Can Tequila
1/2 Can Triple Sec
3 Cans Water

Combine in Ziploc freezer bag and lay on side and freeze overnight. Put out at room temp for 15 minutes before serving.

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