Friday, September 23, 2011

Island Living...

House Hunters International (on HGTV) has been my new addiction lately.  Since moving to the burbs of Atlanta 15 years ago, this Floridian has been dreaming of a beach hut near the coast... but lately the lures of the Caribbean have been calling to me!  My husband, although intrigued by the idea, swears I would not like island living.  "You can't sit still and you would be bored in a months time" he says.  I beg to differ, I would say, "I did grow up in Antigua."  Well technically I lived there from ages 5-7.. but still
who wouldn't want to live in a house like India Hick's home in the Bahamas
inside her gorgeous 1950's bungalow.. notice the huge sailboat?
This 30"x 35" Union Jack Pond Yacht is available at Gillyweed for $95.
Okay so I can't have the Island or for that matter Beach Bungalow right now. (anyone want to purchase a commercial building in Carrollton, Ga?)  I can, however, start accumulating sources for style inspiration.. like these amazing furniture collections.  Xavier Furniture, mostly known for their French Provencal (my other love) and Hampton's style pieces, has a new Caribbean line that is so pretty. 
 The Stuart Membery Home Collection would be the perfect choice for outdoor verandas, porches, and sunrooms.   
Curse you House Hunters International!!!!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Art Walk Weekend

 Looking back at old Art Walk posts from this blog and my old one, I found that I always post pictures of how I re-arranged the store or the new products that had just arrived.  I rarely posted pictures of my artwork.  Yes that is right... my art!  I don't call myself an artist.. I call myself a dabbler.  My medium is Encaustic Wax which basically means lots (and lots) of melted wax gets layered on top of each other.  Then I painstakingly scrap away bit by bit, here and there to get the image I want.   Here are a few recent ones I did for the upcoming Art Show this Friday, September 14th.
Birds Nest.. this is in one of Philip's new frame designs.  Love it- $125

The Regatta... Box Frame made from Salvage Trim- $150

Don't let the picture fool you, this piece is actually 30 1/2" long..  The Offering- $350

Lakeside... $95

Marigolds... $150

Sea Spirit... $300

Hope to see you strolling around Mainstreet this Friday!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Velvet Love

I am in love with the new velvet pumpkins currently at the Gillyweed boothtique... love love love!
 And I can tell by the current BHG Halloween Tricks & Treats issue that they are the hot decorating thing to have this Fall.
My retailer friend Debbie Dusenberry, from the Curious Sofa,  produced and styled this whole entire Alice in Wonderland feature for the magazine.  What an amazing job!  Of couse the velvet pumpkins are the real gem on the table...

Want one too??  You can find them here or if you are in the Newnan area... visit us at The Vintage-Flea and Rockin B Antiques.