Thursday, September 15, 2011

Art Walk Weekend

 Looking back at old Art Walk posts from this blog and my old one, I found that I always post pictures of how I re-arranged the store or the new products that had just arrived.  I rarely posted pictures of my artwork.  Yes that is right... my art!  I don't call myself an artist.. I call myself a dabbler.  My medium is Encaustic Wax which basically means lots (and lots) of melted wax gets layered on top of each other.  Then I painstakingly scrap away bit by bit, here and there to get the image I want.   Here are a few recent ones I did for the upcoming Art Show this Friday, September 14th.
Birds Nest.. this is in one of Philip's new frame designs.  Love it- $125

The Regatta... Box Frame made from Salvage Trim- $150

Don't let the picture fool you, this piece is actually 30 1/2" long..  The Offering- $350

Lakeside... $95

Marigolds... $150

Sea Spirit... $300

Hope to see you strolling around Mainstreet this Friday!

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