Friday, September 23, 2011

Island Living...

House Hunters International (on HGTV) has been my new addiction lately.  Since moving to the burbs of Atlanta 15 years ago, this Floridian has been dreaming of a beach hut near the coast... but lately the lures of the Caribbean have been calling to me!  My husband, although intrigued by the idea, swears I would not like island living.  "You can't sit still and you would be bored in a months time" he says.  I beg to differ, I would say, "I did grow up in Antigua."  Well technically I lived there from ages 5-7.. but still
who wouldn't want to live in a house like India Hick's home in the Bahamas
inside her gorgeous 1950's bungalow.. notice the huge sailboat?
This 30"x 35" Union Jack Pond Yacht is available at Gillyweed for $95.
Okay so I can't have the Island or for that matter Beach Bungalow right now. (anyone want to purchase a commercial building in Carrollton, Ga?)  I can, however, start accumulating sources for style inspiration.. like these amazing furniture collections.  Xavier Furniture, mostly known for their French Provencal (my other love) and Hampton's style pieces, has a new Caribbean line that is so pretty. 
 The Stuart Membery Home Collection would be the perfect choice for outdoor verandas, porches, and sunrooms.   
Curse you House Hunters International!!!!


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