Friday, August 26, 2011

An Ironstone Obsession

I have a new obsession.. Ironstone Platters.  I have seen them before beautifully displayed in homes, in magazine layouts, and in high end boutiques and thought it was a look that had "been done" to death.  Then one day I was strolling through our local Goodwill and a creamy white platter caught my eye.  I took home the piece of porcelain for a bargain, $2.49, and you know the saying... the rest is history.

Ironstone was made in England and America around 1813. Companies like Johnson Bros., Mason's, and Meaken Bros.  produced ironstone for everday living.  Somewhere along the way a decision was made to decorate ironstone to help fancy up the average household.  Transferware was then created to imitate the expensive painted pieces that most people couldn’t afford. Soon, these companies were making Chinese reproduction patterns in the famous Blue Willow and Flow Blue decorations.

I'll be the first to admit that I am NOT a purist.. any old creamy white platter will suit me just fine.  And although I enjoy their imperfections and discolorations, I found this wonderful site that will show you how to  clean & brighten your ironstone correctly.
my latest purchase from the Goodwill.. this one was $1.99
I have about 8 of them right now.. so I am trying to decided it they'll get displayed on a wall or on a bookshelf.... remember this wonderful dining room from "Something's Gotta Give"...
or should I put them out everywhere and display my favorite Halloween decoration.. white pumpkins?
Even though my obsession only includes platters for the moment, I do find myself eyeing pitchers, soup tureens and gravy boats.  If my display would look half as gorgeous as this one found in my friend Sally's house... sign me up!
Love Love Love


Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Fall Colors from butter LONDON

butter LONDON is a new concept in natural nail care. butter LONDON is a 3 Free company, which means our product line is completely free from FORMALDEHYDE, TOLUENE, AND DBP. What they offer is a stunning range of lacquers, designed by their very own Nonie Creme, and based on the season's latest fashions. The colour palette is perfectly tailored to each and every one of you, with something for everyone. The butter LONDON team does nails for fashion shoots and stars around the world. Find them back stage at London Fashion Week, shooting for Vogue and Harper’s, even at the MTVAwards.  Get yours at the Gillyweed boothtique located inside The Vintage-Flea and soon online here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Online Store Open...

Now that the online store is back open, I am in the process of re-arranging my boothique!  For this fall season I will be doing a Sea Gypsy theme at my boothtique (my newly made up word which means booth and boutique) inside The Vintage-Flea.  Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year to decorate which is evident by these posts here and here.. but alas my new space is much more cozier and does not allow me to go crazy with over the top displays.  But I promise I won't disappoint either this year!!
Look for feathers, velvet, dreamy jewelry, seductive scents, and good fortunes coming very soon to Gillyweed!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Made In The USA...

I love this time of year when I can debut new products and collections!  One of my recent finds and additions to Gillyweed comes from this adorable company called It's A Wrap... and best of all, all products are made in the USA.
I'm crazy over the Urban Chic pillows made from discarded coffee sacks and fabric remnants. Only 6 in the shop to choose from, $22 each.
I only got 2 of these to go on my fabulous zebra print chairs at the shop.. $28 each.  A burlap coffee sack is on the other side of this removable pillow cover
Only have 8 of these coffee clutches with fabric front flaps.  They are fully lined and have button closures. 9x11, $22 each.  Grommets are on one corner so you can easily attatch a key fob, which will turn these clutches into wristlets.
 Also have 8 fully lined laptop cases with the corner grommets.  This would be great to attatch keys, lanyards, or memory sticks.  Size is 11"x16" and fits a 15" laptop.  Price is $32.
 Not only are you going to feel good with these being made in the USA, but a portion of the proceeds goes to Coffee Kids.  This wonderful organization helps improve the lives of children in Latin America's coffee farming communities.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Keep Calm....

Kids are finally back to school and I am still running around like a decapitated chicken restocking and rearranging my two booths.  Most of my larger pieces of furniture sold out of one booth while I was on vacation and most of the gits/accessories sold out of the other booth.  This is always the fun part.. making something out of nothing.. as in new merchandise is coming this month but I have to make the booths spectacular in the meantime with my current inventory (which isn't much).  Oh let the magic begin!!
coming soon.. I love this Union Jack Boat.  Even though I am doing more vivid colors for the Fall, I must keep a little Nautical in the booth.  Keeps me sane!
Only one Union Jack pillow left.. $45 (available at Rockin B Antiques or contact me.)
I don't think I will ever get tired of these signs either.. reminding me to Keep Calm!!
Here are some that I recently found on Pinterest. 



Monday, August 1, 2011

Barcelona 2011.. part 1

We are back!!  Gosh it so good to be home.. energized, inspired and ready to get back to work!!
It is because of these little angels (and the rest of the family too) that we go to Europe.  We think it is important for them to have a strong relationship even though we are oceans apart.. here we have my nephew Mathis (8) with my son Brice (9) and then my niece Romaina (12) with my daughter Olivia (also 12).  They got along extremely well even with the language barrier but I have to give extra credit to my daughter for actually trying her hand at French.  She impressed the whole family and made some great improvement with her language skills.  Bisous Olivia!!
We spent 4 days in Barcelona and boy it was not enough time!!  We crammed all that we could though starting with the Park Guell which was created by Antoni Gaudi between 1900-1914.  This crazy park is like a mosaic mecca with everything from roofs, ceilings, benches, windows, chimneys, stairs, and fountains covered in small little tiles. 
Here I am with Brice and my sweet hubby walking around the  park...
 And if that wasn't enough color for the day, our next trip was to the St. Josep Boqueria.. outdoor marketplace.

Yep, I nearly gained 10 lbs just looking at all the yummy foods.  Walking through the streets of Barcelona we were constantly entertained by the Street Performers.  The kids were hesitant at first so it was up to me to step right up to the winged creature to get my photo taken... as you can see we shared a moment!!
So enjoy the photos for now.. most of them were taken by my sweet Olivia!!
I'll post soon with part 2!