Wednesday, March 30, 2011

is it too late...

to ask for a belated birthday present??  My birthday was last week and boy I wish I had known about this..
a cake pop maker by The Baby Cakes Shop!  This amazing invention makes 12 cake pops or donut holes in minutes.
Put a stick in it and viola, instant happiness!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

color me happy

I am loving my new blog find... design seeds.   Jessica is a color palette guru and I had trouble picking out just a few of her storyboards to show you.  These were my favorites for me..
Gillyweed colors

my favorite colors to wear

my favorite colors to paint with

If you were a walking color palette.. what would it be??

Saturday, March 26, 2011

a Yummy weekend

The key to blogging, so I've read, is consistency.  Some of my favorite blogs are rock stars with that notion doing Friday Flowers, Close the Front Door, and Peace Out.  We'll see how it goes!  Have a yummy weekend.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An afternoon of fun..

While having lunch with her today...
she suggested I read this...
So I sat down to read in the afternoon by this.. (don't hate)
until I saw this..
Ah Ha.. now I know what to do with this...
because I have tons of these..
after cutting, sanding, sawing.. I made this..
Here is the top..
and in the morning if will be off to this...

what do you think of that??

Rockin' it out...

Hey Gang.. sorry it has been awhile since my last post!!  I've been very busy setting up my new booth at the Rockin B's Antique Mall in Sharpsburg.
It's kinda nice being on this side of town for change too!  This booth has a different look than the Gillyweed booth over at The Vintage-Flea.  Lorraine, the owner, specifically requested that 80% of the booth be old, vintage, or antique.  I am flubbing a bit with the requirement but I don't think she minds too much.  Here are some pictures from my recent fluffing trip...
Love the oak chairs.. I have 2 right now.  One a ladder back and the other with an original rattan seat.
Notice the hooks above??  They look like meat packing hooks but they are not sharp.  Iron hooks are moveable.. approx. 32" long.  This would be great outdoors to hang up the wet clothes.
2nd Oak Chair..
OMG.. my favorite recent find (also at The Flea as well) are these bird hooks.
Screen print bird pillows by a Franklin, TN artist.
 My prized boot collection.. yes it was time to let these go.
 My recent craft project... I found these vintage mason jars a year ago in the most beautiful blue color and I finally decided what I wanted to do with them.  You like??
This will be one of my regrets when it sells but heck I can't keep everything!!  Wouldn't this be awesome as a coffee table and on wheels???
Finally my other regret when they sell... these vintage gas pump numbers. I just adore the bold red color.  My kids are 9 and 12yrs old now.. maybe I should just keep those!
Hope to run into you at Rockin B's!!  If there are any products you are interested in.. contact me!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Fever

I've got it bad!!  In fact I am counting down the days before we head off to Tybee Island for our Spring Break..23 to be exact.  I want color!!
(reproduction painting at Gillyweed, $65)

I am a Spring baby after all.. born 4 days after the official start of Spring.

Wearing one of these beaded beauties will put the Spring in your step.. $12 each at Gillyweed.

This is my style hands down!!

I'm also a big fan of Kate Spade's new Spring Ad...

I want a t-shirt in everyone of these colors below!!
Here is part of the new Spring look at Gillyweed.. click here for more pics!
Yeah Spring!