Saturday, June 25, 2011


As some of you know I started out with the business name Lemoncholie which I loved loved loved.. but I discovered a jewelry designer who named her business Lemoncholie and even though she lived up north, I didn't want to ruffle any feathers.  So I went with my 2nd choice, which I have grown to love, Gillyweed.  But Lemoncholie always remains with me and I will eventually name our beach bungalow this quirky name!  In the meantime I've gotten to the sewing machine and created some adorable new items for Gillyweed which will sport a Lemoncholie label.. what do you think?
My seashell lamp got a new face lift.. a custom made shade with quirky fish swimming on it.  Still priced at $125, it is a steal.
especially after seeing Pottery Barn's version which runs between $169-$199.
Here is a close up of the shad.. notice the pink piping.
And finally a too stinking cute feather stuffed pillow made from an antique European grain sack and fabric remnants, $55.  I've always wanted to start a pillow line after seeing similar pillows at the mart
with a $125 and up retail price tag.  Not for me.. and not for you!  Both pieces are going to the Gillyweed booth located inside The Vintage-Flea, Newnan.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Travel in Style

picture from pinterest

In two weeks I will be officially on my vacation trip to Europe visiting relatives and couldn't be more excited.  So I was also really happy to get in my order from Inventive Travelware before leaving!  These bag tags are ridiculously cute (and funny). 

Bag Tags are $3.50 each!  What are your plans this summer?? 


Friday, June 17, 2011

Fresh Finds for June

    Just when I thought my favorite soaps couldn't get any better.. the company released 4 new spring/summer fragrances this year.  All of these Shea Butter soaps are amazing for your skin!! 
Passion Flower & Olive Oil
African Violet & Cocoa Butter
Zinnia & Aloe Butter (w/apricot seeds)
and finally Black Currant & Olive Butter.  I'm in heaven.. $6.00 each.

Also new are these beautiful hand painted coasters which will display your soaps so proudly!  $6.50 each.
And finally a wonderful assortment of cotton scarves arrived this week... hmm if only I could find some models for them???
Luckily my daughter and her friends happily volunteered.. after I bribed them with crepes this morning!!  Thank you Olivia (my sweetie), Katie, Olivia, and Jaxs.


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Barcelona, South of France, and Rome.....
Those are the destinations this summer when we head over to Europe next month and we are so excited.  It has been almost 3 years since the kids and I have been overseas to visit the family.  Albert went over by himself last year to see his mother and since the price of flying is so expensive, we stayed behind.  Why didn't I get a job at Delta back in my travel agent days!!!!  So this time it is our turn to tag along and boy what a trip this will be.  My mother-in-law is planning a 5 day excursion to Rome which will include 2 RV's for 7 adults and 5 children.  OMG!  I call the RV without my mother-in-law.. ha ha.  So as I prepare for this trip I have temporarily shut down the Gillyweed online boutique.  I hope to have many beautiful new things (some antiques from Europe) to showcase on the site in August.  Until then....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Island Fever

"Palm trees and views I can’t believe
Why would I ever want to leave?
I think I’ll take my shoes off and go walking
Down beside the caribbean sea.
I like the funny sounds of parrots squawking
I think I hear a hammock calling me..."

                                            Lyrics from Island Fever by Jimmy Buffet 

I definitely have Island Fever!! Don't you? Here are some beautiful new baubles and jewels that I have brought down to The Vintage-Flea location..

I even made some pretty island birds and perched them in a bamboo cage to go with the display... no parrots squawking though!

I heart it all the way!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gold & Kites...

Gold & Kites.. strange name for a post right??  Well I wanted to show you all my new earring collection that came into the shop today.  Love Love Love them!!  All made in the USA too.  My good friend Noelle insists that I get them in silver... nobody wears gold anymore she says!!  Pshaw!!  I love gold on tanned skin.  Here is the Tear Drop collection in Turquoise, Clear, Blue, Grey, and Green.. only $16 per pair.
 The Leaf collection comes with Turquoise, Black, and Green drops.. $14 per pair.
And finally the Kites..  Last week I went shopping with flea chic Sally and while she was haggling over a price for a chandelier, I was enchanted by a kite display they had done.  So off I go to re-create this on my own.. I wish I took better pics because the display really is beautiful.  Gorgeous fabrics were glued onto poster boards in the shape of a kite.  Then I did the tail with a light linen fabric with scraps tied on as ribbons.  There are 8 all together and it just screams Summer when you come into the shop! 


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Current Fav...

I cannot pretend to feel impartial about colors. I rejoice with the brilliant ones and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns.
-Winston Churchill
I've been addicted to color lately.. colors and patterns.  The crazier the better too!  Here are a few of my current favs... 
Adore Home online magazine features one of my favorite designers/stores this month,  Anna Spiro from Black and Spiro.
She writes an incredible design blog called Absolutely Beautiful Things.. no kidding!  Another new favorite is Kathryn Ireland from the new realty show on Bravo called Million Dollar Decorators. 
 Their use of color and pattern just blows me away!!  Time for me to be brave and change it up a bit here at the Dumas house... get some island flavor in here.  I can almost hear the steel drums playing as we speak!