Friday, June 17, 2011

Fresh Finds for June

    Just when I thought my favorite soaps couldn't get any better.. the company released 4 new spring/summer fragrances this year.  All of these Shea Butter soaps are amazing for your skin!! 
Passion Flower & Olive Oil
African Violet & Cocoa Butter
Zinnia & Aloe Butter (w/apricot seeds)
and finally Black Currant & Olive Butter.  I'm in heaven.. $6.00 each.

Also new are these beautiful hand painted coasters which will display your soaps so proudly!  $6.50 each.
And finally a wonderful assortment of cotton scarves arrived this week... hmm if only I could find some models for them???
Luckily my daughter and her friends happily volunteered.. after I bribed them with crepes this morning!!  Thank you Olivia (my sweetie), Katie, Olivia, and Jaxs.


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