Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gold & Kites...

Gold & Kites.. strange name for a post right??  Well I wanted to show you all my new earring collection that came into the shop today.  Love Love Love them!!  All made in the USA too.  My good friend Noelle insists that I get them in silver... nobody wears gold anymore she says!!  Pshaw!!  I love gold on tanned skin.  Here is the Tear Drop collection in Turquoise, Clear, Blue, Grey, and Green.. only $16 per pair.
 The Leaf collection comes with Turquoise, Black, and Green drops.. $14 per pair.
And finally the Kites..  Last week I went shopping with flea chic Sally and while she was haggling over a price for a chandelier, I was enchanted by a kite display they had done.  So off I go to re-create this on my own.. I wish I took better pics because the display really is beautiful.  Gorgeous fabrics were glued onto poster boards in the shape of a kite.  Then I did the tail with a light linen fabric with scraps tied on as ribbons.  There are 8 all together and it just screams Summer when you come into the shop! 


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  1. Ah, those earrings on the top are very pretty.