Saturday, June 25, 2011


As some of you know I started out with the business name Lemoncholie which I loved loved loved.. but I discovered a jewelry designer who named her business Lemoncholie and even though she lived up north, I didn't want to ruffle any feathers.  So I went with my 2nd choice, which I have grown to love, Gillyweed.  But Lemoncholie always remains with me and I will eventually name our beach bungalow this quirky name!  In the meantime I've gotten to the sewing machine and created some adorable new items for Gillyweed which will sport a Lemoncholie label.. what do you think?
My seashell lamp got a new face lift.. a custom made shade with quirky fish swimming on it.  Still priced at $125, it is a steal.
especially after seeing Pottery Barn's version which runs between $169-$199.
Here is a close up of the shad.. notice the pink piping.
And finally a too stinking cute feather stuffed pillow made from an antique European grain sack and fabric remnants, $55.  I've always wanted to start a pillow line after seeing similar pillows at the mart
with a $125 and up retail price tag.  Not for me.. and not for you!  Both pieces are going to the Gillyweed booth located inside The Vintage-Flea, Newnan.


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