Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Show and Tell

Finally finished my pumpkins and crossing this off my "to do" list.  The idea of the wool blanket pumpkin came to me last year when my friend Jenni and I stopped at a cute little town called Bell Buckle in Tennessee.  Stopping here was like a step back into time and what should have been a quick lunch stop, turned into a 4 hour expedition.  This place had some serious treasures!!  One of them was a white wool pumpkin at a store that had a mountain of moon pies at the front entrance.  The idea was born then to make tartan plaid pumpkins a la Ralph Lauren for the Fall display at the shop.
Well I know I am a bit behind on the project.. after all I am going to be putting out Christmas in 2 weeks but after seeing a slew of fabric pumpkins at the Country Living Fair last weekend, I had to make them.  So Voila!!  What do you think??

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Country Living Fair

The Country Living Fair was held this weekend at Stone Mountain Park and what a treat!  I went to the first CL Fair back in New York many years ago with my friend Jenni.  We were so excited to be able to meet Ki Nassauer and Sue Whitney from Junk Market Style but when we got to Central Park we were a little disappointed and only stayed about 1 hour.  Why???  Well it was the first one so there weren't many booths to linger through and enjoy so we spent the day in NYC instead.  That was NOT the case this time around.. oh my goodness what a treat. 
Mary and I in front of Pumpkin Mountain
20,000 visitors were expected to go through the park during the 3 day show.... no kidding.  The wait to get in the park was about 20 minutes long but so worth it. Booths after booths of endless inspirations and eye candy!  You first walk into this massive structure with a fireplace suitable for a castle.  In this structure Country Living gave tips for Fall decorating.  Simple ideas are often the best ones...
 pine cones strung on a chandelier
 resin birds under a cloche
artwork using leaves
 wreaths using old papers... I did this last year at the shop and it was fabulous.  This year I will be making angel wings!
 flowers made from sewing patterns
and a tree made from driftwood scraps.  Simple but stunning!!  Click here for more pictures from the Fair.

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Favorite Place

So maybe you have read my recent interview with Kenya Brantley where I talk about my love for vintage displays.  Here is one of my sources for those displays... My Favorite Place!! (no seriously it is really called My Favorite Place).  This fabulous mecca of amazing deals and finds is located at 5596 Peachtree Industrial Blvd (South) in Chamblee.  So why the Firestone picture you ask??  This is my landmark to finding this place otherwise you will pass it on the road without a second glance.  Look for the Firestone sign on the Right and then you will see it right next door.
Furniture, Lamps, Dishes, Collectibles, Art, Mirrors.. if you can't find it you didn't really want it!

Two huge buildings with wall to wall stuff.
I loved this vintage soup tureen shaped like a fish.. ($15)
Are you a cookie jar collector??  Loved this Little Red Riding Hood for $12
A million things I could think of using old cigar boxes...
More interior pictures...
Chalkware dog for $26
Need a life sized football player in your Man Cave?? $499.00
I loved these vintage bird decanters!! $10 each
I wish I had a place for this one.. dresser with wicker drawers $58
Porcelain spice boxes.. $10 for top shelf, $16 for bottom.
So which treasure went home with me today??

I couldn't resist the doggie!!!  Hope you will get a chance to visit My Favorite Place and find your own treasures.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Time...

 That time of year again where we start decorating for Fall and I love me some pumpkins!  Ideally I would make sand pumpkins found here but being land locked I will be content with some colorful citrouilles on my porch.  The best "Martha Stewart" pumpkins come from our little veggie patch on the corner. (It seems to be the only place in town to find the white pumpkins.)  And what could be cuter than these pumpkin eyes found at The Vintage-Flea by artist Ann Pelerose.

So darn cute!  Off to make some fabric pumpkin now... pictures to come.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Cupcake Collection

Yesterday my daughter, who will be celebrating her 12th birthday this coming January, proclaimed that she wanted a cupcake party!!  She has some serious good timing!!  This weekend at market day on the square we met Bakeshop Betty who was dressed like Rosie the Riveter.  Betty (a.k.a Christi) had the best tasting red velvet cupcakes and double chocolate cupcakes so Olivia decided that would be her theme for the party.  Also new in town is the Artrageous Potter and what do they have as "paint your own pottery" blanks- cupcakes of course!!  But the most exciting discovery was found inside the new boxes from artist Lisa Kaus...
 Her new cupcake collection is so cute and Gillyweed has the whole collection!  Cupcake photo holders, $12.00 each in 4 assorted designs.
Banners, $36.00 each.  Only 2 designs remain.

 Celebrate crown (and my Halloween costume) $22.00, only 2 remain.

Small Cupcake Plates in 4 designs, $8.00 each

Medium Cake Plates in 4 designs, $12.00 each 
and finally....
The Celebration Platter for $36.00. 

Oh what fun we are going to have!! 
BTW.. question.. what is your favorite cupcake flavor??