Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Cupcake Collection

Yesterday my daughter, who will be celebrating her 12th birthday this coming January, proclaimed that she wanted a cupcake party!!  She has some serious good timing!!  This weekend at market day on the square we met Bakeshop Betty who was dressed like Rosie the Riveter.  Betty (a.k.a Christi) had the best tasting red velvet cupcakes and double chocolate cupcakes so Olivia decided that would be her theme for the party.  Also new in town is the Artrageous Potter and what do they have as "paint your own pottery" blanks- cupcakes of course!!  But the most exciting discovery was found inside the new boxes from artist Lisa Kaus...
 Her new cupcake collection is so cute and Gillyweed has the whole collection!  Cupcake photo holders, $12.00 each in 4 assorted designs.
Banners, $36.00 each.  Only 2 designs remain.

 Celebrate crown (and my Halloween costume) $22.00, only 2 remain.

Small Cupcake Plates in 4 designs, $8.00 each

Medium Cake Plates in 4 designs, $12.00 each 
and finally....
The Celebration Platter for $36.00. 

Oh what fun we are going to have!! 
BTW.. question.. what is your favorite cupcake flavor??


  1. Wonderful news! I'm excited to hear about all your changes.
    I'm going to try to meet Barb in Newnan next Friday, if it all works out, we'll pop in to say hi.

  2. White cake...white icing. LOTS of icing.

  3. love all the sweetness of the lisa kaus designs! Good luck on your new venture! i will follow along on your journey:)