Thursday, September 30, 2010

Counting Down...

Tomorrow will start my count down...  one month left as owner of The Vintage-Flea.  It has been a whirlwind really.  I originally wanted to pass the torch in March of 2011 but the new owner wanted to take the helm sooner for the upcoming holiday season.  I don't blame her!!  We've always had a fantastic 4th quarter at The Flea.  So what am I looking forward to the most in my free time?
  1. Going away for Thanksgiving without a care in the world...
  2. Cleaning my house- seriously it needs to be done
  3. Decorating my house!!  This must be the biggest misconception as a boutique owner.  Our houses look like crap because we don't have the time to decorate them!! 
  4. Finally making new products for my booth and online store.  I sold my last piece of artwork yesterday to an Interior Designer so more art, more art, more art.  Also I am so psyched about some new jewelry pieces I've been working on and I promised Mary I would have my pumpkins done. (more on that later)
What booth and online store am I referring to?  Well those that are in the know have been following me as The Vintage-Flea, then for a short period of time Lemoncholie, and now I've found my permanent home as...

What is a Gillyweed you ask??  Well Harry Potter fans will know what a gillyweed is right away.  For the rest of ya'll Gillyweed is the magical Mediterranean plant that Harry Potter eats.  This helped him grow gills and webbed feet so he could swim with the mermaids.  I've always lived by the ocean but alas I am now landlocked and crave the smells, sights, and sounds of the coastal shores! (My husband and I love to watch House Hunter International and dream of which island we would run off to in our old age.)  So stick with me on this journey of finding my gillyweed bliss!


  1. #3 --- Ain't that thuh truth!!

    Love the name and.... Congratulations! You're doing what I toy with going back to every other day it seems, but I just get deeper and deeper in the shop. Sigh. One more year?

  2. I love House Hunters Intl. and watch it with my Olivia specifically for the beach homes!