Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Girl with a Tomato Cage...

I've been getting lots of emails and facebook messages about my store Christmas display... that I still need to put up!!  So I thought I would do a quick post on how I made it so that you can make one too!!  Seriously you can do it too!
It all starts with one of these fabulous tomato cages that you can find at Home Depot.  Don't you love all the color?  Really any tomato cage, lamp shade, and/or wire structure would work for this project. 
Cut thin strips of fabric, 1/2"-1" wide and start wrapping them around the wire frame.  When one strip ends, tie on a new color and continue wrapping. 
I wanted my structure to look more full so I added fabric strips between each row.. just tie top and bottom.
  I blogged about the birdies back in April 2011 here. The template is very easy to follow but it does help to have a sewing machine. We made these several years ago at the old shop with wool sweaters that we felted in the washing machine. I know some of you like to make home made ornaments!!! This would be the perfect pattern for that.
As I said before... you can definitely do this project!  Enjoy!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sugared Pecans

Almost 11pm here in the Dumas house and I am finishing up the details for our Oktoberfest event which will be held tomorrow evening (5-9pm).  I racked my brain trying to figure out what to serve as snacks at the event... seriously, there are 27 beers to sample during the "beer tasting", y'all need to eat something!!  After a few minutes hours on pinterest, I found the perfect snack... Sugared Pecans.  Completely off topic here, the other day I read a blog titled, "the shiz I learned from Pinterest".  Ain't that the truth.. it's crazy what you can learn from that site!!  Anyways.. back to the pecans!!
 I thank The Gingerbread Blog for posting and pinning these incredible (aka can't stop eating) pecans.
Go to their website to find the recipe.. So good.  If you are walking around downtown Newnan tomorrow night, make sure you come on by Gillyweed to try a few of these treats!!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week 43... The Color of Bait & Switch

I had intended this post to be titled The Color of Opportunity... I mean how often do you get a chance to take a Window Display Workshop from the one and only Anthropologie!!
Kenya and I found out about the workshop a couple of weeks ago and were so excited to go "learn" from the best in the business.  We got up to Lenox mall about 15 minutes before opening.. giddy as kids on Christmas morning!!  The doors opened up and we rushed inside, along with the others waiting to take the workshop.
Tables on the right were set up for arts and crafts...
Tables on the left were set up with yummy snacks and drinks...
We sit down and listen to Caroline, The Merchandising Manager for the home goods department, talk about the Anthropologie vision for this winter.  (Nordic animals I think)  Today's project was making paper garlands for the front window.. that explains the arts & crafts table.  So after a quick demo, we were off making geometric shapes by scoring, folding, and gluing.  After about 30 minutes of this, it was very obvious to everyone at the table that we were DUPED!!!  This wasn't a workshop to learn amazing techniques, inside trade secrets, rules of display, etc... this was a sweatshop set up in the back of the store!!
We spent the next 2 hours scoring and folding these templates so that the Anthropologie employees could tend to their customers. 
 Here is one of several completed bags that headed down the production line to the gluing table.
The finished dradle looking shapes.  
Our Thank You gift... A coupon would have been much more appreciated!!  Apparently this location will be hosting several more Display Workshops over the next few weeks.  Afterall, the shapes still need to be painted and strung together!!  I think I will pass.. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Week 42.... The Color of a Landmark

I drive past this impressive building every day and being "not from Newnan", I never really learned the history of the courthouse.  It's actually quite impressive!
Did you know that the building standing today is not the original Newnan Historic Courthouse?
The original courthouse was built in 1829 and the temple-like edifice had once served as a Civil War hospital. In 1903 the citizens of Newnan wanted to keep the courthouse while the commissioners had other plans. To pay for a new courthouse the commissioners imposed a direct tax, and they tore down the old courthouse in the middle of the night. The reason they did this was that no one would be able to protest the demolition because the courts would not have been opened to block the destruction legally.
Today we have the Neo-Greek Revival courthouse, which was built in 1904. The dome, which rises more than 100 feet above the square, was fitted for a four-face clock that was originally hand wound but was converted to electric in the mid 1900’s.  Architect J.W. Golucke. who designed at least 20 Georgia courthouses, used copper liberally on the upper portions of the building, covering every cornice as well as the dome of the clock tower with the metal. Having weathered to a dark patina, it now contrasts strongly with the red brick walls and light gray columns, creating a distinctive look not seen anywhere else in Georgia. Another notable feature is the state seal set within the pediments, a reminder that the county's are creations of the state.  In recent years it has also gained a new role as a location for movie-making, thanks to its well-preserved architectural details and absence of discordant remodeling.

And as Paul Harvey used to say " and now you know the rest of the story"


Friday, October 12, 2012

Food Truck Friday!!

This gourmand walked right into paradise today... well actually drove by it!  Food Truck Fridays!!  My partner in crime (aka Kenya) and I were out junkin up in Atlanta today.  I started out buying more wax for my Owl encaustic class tomorrow and since we had some extra time, decided to take a trip to My Favorite Place.  Kenya scored the most finds there but I totally made up for that at Treasure Mart.  On our way out of town we saw a bunch of tents and people crowded in the parking lot at the adjacent shopping center.  Food Trucks.. the best find of the day by far!!!
 Next time I will try the Filipino Chef... don't you love the chalkboard truck??
Fish 'n' chips.. honestly I couldn't take the smell of the fried food but I'm sure it was good.
We decided on Yoli's...
Mrs. Sass giving our orders...
My delicious pork sandwich above with spicy mustard and pickles.
Kenya had the Cuban.. she didn't even share a bite so it must have been scrumptious!!  Fore more information on the Atlanta Street Food phenomenon click here or go to the Food Truck Friday facebook page.  It is definitely worth a trip!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Week 41... The Colors of Fall

I went pinterest nuts for these photos.... I just love all the beautiful colors of Fall.  Especially the flower arrangements for that is the one thing that I can not do.  Pure envy for those that have that gift!
 Although these last two I could defnitely do... Fake it till you make it, right??


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Week 40... The Color of Collaboration

Several weeks ago I got a sweet facebook message from Dallas Nevins to please consider donating a piece of art to the Atlanta Speech School's Fundraising Gala.  No doubt a worthy cause.  What intrigued me the most was that students from the school would be collaborating with me.  I told Dallas I didn't think that would work because, after all, I do use hot wax, blow torches and razor blades!  Not wanting to disappoint, I told her I would think about it.  As fate would have it, that evening I was watching a rerun of RHONY.. yes I am a bravo addict.. and saw this amazing piece of art hanging behind the girls.  Voila..
The idea came to me.  So I sketched out large birds in 3 different positions, emailed them to Dallas and instructed her to have the kids color them anyway they want.
1 week later my package of birds arrived at the house... Dallas- do you only have yellow and blue crayons at your school???  Just kidding.. Didn't they turn out cute!!  These were from some of the 4 yrs old at the Atlanta Speech School.
Not wanting to ruin the originals, I had the birds colored copied.  I cut them out and then placed them onto my waxed board.  Then I painted a clear wax on top of them to keep them from flying away!
Next came the colorful flowers, leaves and of course I had to put a big heart for the kiddos!
This sucker is huge too... measures 20"x49".  I sure hope the kids approve!!  I then had it framed in salvaged wood found here in Coweta County.
This has to be one of my favorite pieces and it makes it all that more special that the kids helped.  Thank you Dallas for letting me participate this year!!