Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Girl with a Tomato Cage...

I've been getting lots of emails and facebook messages about my store Christmas display... that I still need to put up!!  So I thought I would do a quick post on how I made it so that you can make one too!!  Seriously you can do it too!
It all starts with one of these fabulous tomato cages that you can find at Home Depot.  Don't you love all the color?  Really any tomato cage, lamp shade, and/or wire structure would work for this project. 
Cut thin strips of fabric, 1/2"-1" wide and start wrapping them around the wire frame.  When one strip ends, tie on a new color and continue wrapping. 
I wanted my structure to look more full so I added fabric strips between each row.. just tie top and bottom.
  I blogged about the birdies back in April 2011 here. The template is very easy to follow but it does help to have a sewing machine. We made these several years ago at the old shop with wool sweaters that we felted in the washing machine. I know some of you like to make home made ornaments!!! This would be the perfect pattern for that.
As I said before... you can definitely do this project!  Enjoy!!

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