Friday, October 12, 2012

Food Truck Friday!!

This gourmand walked right into paradise today... well actually drove by it!  Food Truck Fridays!!  My partner in crime (aka Kenya) and I were out junkin up in Atlanta today.  I started out buying more wax for my Owl encaustic class tomorrow and since we had some extra time, decided to take a trip to My Favorite Place.  Kenya scored the most finds there but I totally made up for that at Treasure Mart.  On our way out of town we saw a bunch of tents and people crowded in the parking lot at the adjacent shopping center.  Food Trucks.. the best find of the day by far!!!
 Next time I will try the Filipino Chef... don't you love the chalkboard truck??
Fish 'n' chips.. honestly I couldn't take the smell of the fried food but I'm sure it was good.
We decided on Yoli's...
Mrs. Sass giving our orders...
My delicious pork sandwich above with spicy mustard and pickles.
Kenya had the Cuban.. she didn't even share a bite so it must have been scrumptious!!  Fore more information on the Atlanta Street Food phenomenon click here or go to the Food Truck Friday facebook page.  It is definitely worth a trip!

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