Friday, August 26, 2011

An Ironstone Obsession

I have a new obsession.. Ironstone Platters.  I have seen them before beautifully displayed in homes, in magazine layouts, and in high end boutiques and thought it was a look that had "been done" to death.  Then one day I was strolling through our local Goodwill and a creamy white platter caught my eye.  I took home the piece of porcelain for a bargain, $2.49, and you know the saying... the rest is history.

Ironstone was made in England and America around 1813. Companies like Johnson Bros., Mason's, and Meaken Bros.  produced ironstone for everday living.  Somewhere along the way a decision was made to decorate ironstone to help fancy up the average household.  Transferware was then created to imitate the expensive painted pieces that most people couldn’t afford. Soon, these companies were making Chinese reproduction patterns in the famous Blue Willow and Flow Blue decorations.

I'll be the first to admit that I am NOT a purist.. any old creamy white platter will suit me just fine.  And although I enjoy their imperfections and discolorations, I found this wonderful site that will show you how to  clean & brighten your ironstone correctly.
my latest purchase from the Goodwill.. this one was $1.99
I have about 8 of them right now.. so I am trying to decided it they'll get displayed on a wall or on a bookshelf.... remember this wonderful dining room from "Something's Gotta Give"...
or should I put them out everywhere and display my favorite Halloween decoration.. white pumpkins?
Even though my obsession only includes platters for the moment, I do find myself eyeing pitchers, soup tureens and gravy boats.  If my display would look half as gorgeous as this one found in my friend Sally's house... sign me up!
Love Love Love


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