Sunday, October 2, 2011

Getting Cozy....

Here are a few pictures of my booth re-do at Rockin B Antiques.  Re-do indeed because I moved my booth again (yes it is the 3rd time) to another location closer to the front of the store.  The reason for the move is that the 10x14 space I was in previously was only a temporary move until a 10x10 opened up for me.  I loved having the bigger space but I really wanted something more cozy.  Plus I have been selling all of my huge items (lucky me) and don't really need the larger space anymore.  So here it is...
my 5' plushy greeter to the space...

as you can see it is fully decorated in vintage!

one of my favorite finds to date is this vintage turquoise blue modern chair.

a must have for any Haunted House.. a Vintage Ouija Board.

a little wooden Boo sign.

and one of my favorite pieces from the old store... this was in the bathroom.


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