Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Palette Knife Landscapes week 1....

Funny how in the last post I mentioned that I would be adding "Teacher" to my resume as I have been asked to teach several classes at the Corner Arts Studios in downtown Newnan (last I checked I think they are almost full too!).  What I really am is a perpetual "Student".. I love the thrill of learning new things and taking classes.  I've learned how to do sublimation, encaustics, fused glass, enameling, soldering, crocheting, making websites, the list goes on!  I've taken classes from Sally Jean Alexander, Stephanie Lee, Laurie Meseroll, Jennifer Murphy, and Gina Adams.  Today I can add Dawn Kinney Martin to my list!
Dawn Kinney Martin is an Atlanta based artist specializing in the Palette Knife technique.. one that resembles Encaustics by its rich textures and dimensions.  So off I went to the Spruill Art center today to start week 1 of my 3 week lesson.  First I stopped at Utrecht Art Supply store in downtown Atlanta to get all my acrylic paints and palette knives.  After a quick lunch at the Perimeter Mall, I was off to meet Dawn.
Here she is explaining how to paint with a knife and how to get started "mapping out" your project.
Did I mention that this is what the finished piece is suppose to look like.... ummmmm let's hope!
Mapping out the project starts with taking a BW photo of your inspiration, drawing a grid on it for scale, then painting a monochromatic sketch of the piece to find Value & Light.
Then comes the actual paint on canvas... any color could be used for the first layer
then, according to my grid, I add in the land mass.
And finally I start adding my first layer of color using only that white little knife you see next to the painting.
Can't wait to see what week 2 & 3 bring...


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