Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Palette Knife Landscape... week 2

So here we are into week 2 of the Palette Knife Landscape class.  This is a class that I am taking at the Spruill Art Center in Atlanta on Tuesdays with Dawn Kinney Martin.  You can read about week 1 here.
If you remember, I left week 1 with a painting that looked like this one below.. a huge sea serpent head in the middle of the ocean! 
Time to add a little more color...
Watched a quick lesson on how to build colors using the knife...
This is what the finished product is suppose to look like.. hee hee
Dawn told me to move to the easel so that I can see better.
And here I am after week 2!!  Still have more colors to add.. shadowing and texture too.  Painting with wax is a piece of cake after this!!
Check back next Tuesday for the Finished product!!


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