Sunday, October 23, 2011

Country Living Fair 2011

I have been waiting patiently for this fair to come back to Atlanta... remember when I posted about it last year?  Finally the magical Friday came and my friend Noelle and I whisked our way up to Stone Mountain Park to witness the magazine pages come to life!!
To be perfectly honest I thought the fair was better last year.. maybe because it had lots of the same vendors so the "wow" factor was gone for me.  The fairgrounds were set up exactly the same with the famous pumpkin mountain at the entrance.
I did enjoy seeing the Sisters on the Fly set up..  here Noelle is in line to get a peek inside.
I don't think the girl would do to good in one of those things.. she is so dang tall!
Very cute interior though.  Next we saw my friend Joanna from Findings.  Her and I are on the same business blog together and I love her stories about selling at the Fairs.  She travels all over selling her jewelry wholesale at the Gift Markets and she also takes her 18 wheeler truck to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio.  I can't imagine working that hard.. LOL! 
I did buy from her a unique Ironstone platter for my collection... love it Joanna!  Next Noelle and I had some of the BBQ Pork and glazed candy pecans which was conveniently at the stand next door.
I honestly could eat several bags of these.. I did find this recipe for them which I will trying very soon.
So as I said before.. I was a bit disappointed this year because I only saw a handful of new ideas and products (and frankly for a $16 admission price I wanted to be "wow"ed).  Here are some the things I thought were clever...
Poinsettias made from Burlap..
Necklace made from crewel work...
I really could do lots with these Vintage Grain Sacks...
Even though she was there last year, I always am inspired by the Happy Chair booth.  Look at this Mermaid!!
A work of art indeed.  Found some great new ways to dress up my mannequins this Christmas at Gillyweed.
Same fabric pumpkins from last year but I thought the display was brilliant.
I bought some ceramic wine labels this year that I will be putting on leather cuffs for presents.
And finally my regret... This turkey was only $24 but I walked away!  Oh well, I'm sure it will be there again next year!
Did you go to the Fair too.. what did you think?

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  1. I was there Friday and Saturday and don't remember seeing some of the things you photographed. Sassytrash posted some pictures of things I don't remember too. It's just too much to comprehend. But I'm like you. It didn't seem quite as inspiring as last year. Maybe the vendors haven't had time to recoup from all the other markets and fairs they've been participating in. Then again, I saw some of the same things that didn't sell last year. Another thing we noticed is that there wasn't as much industrial stuff as last year. But all in all, I totally enjoyed it. Maybe next year we can all arrange a blogger meet up at the fair. Bet there was a bunch of us there and didn't know it.