Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Market Day...

I tend not to write many personal posts on this blog.. seem to follow the 80/20 rule that I learned at a blogging seminar many months ago.  (Write 20% about yourself and 80% about other things)  But I couldn't resist showing off my son's Market Day project.  His 3rd grade teacher sent home the "funist" (Brice's words) assignment where they have to pair off and each group gets $40 in play money.  With that money they have to come up with an idea, buy the materials to create the product, rent a booth space for the school Market Day, pay $$ for the taxes, and pay $$ for advertising their product!  What a great lesson on Entrepreneurship!  Originally Brice and his business partner, Allan, wanted to create comic books, a la Captain Underpants.  That idea was taken so they next decided to make masks.... after brainstorming some more they are going to make Mustache Masks!!!!
How cute is that??  This DIY project, courtesy of  Martha Stewart, was so easy for Brice to make.  Here I am, looking like a British dignitary, sporting the Imperial mustache and Brice, such a serious cowboy, has the Horseshoe mustache.  (I swear he was having fun despite the picture.. LOL!)
Mustaches are a hoot!!  I remember my dad sported a mustache with handlebars so long people had to look twice.  He even lathered it up with mustache wax to keep it nice and curled.  What crazy fun!



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  2. This is a fantastic post! What a great teacher he has for encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit Thanks for sharing.