Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We are finally home after 20 days of sun filled adventures in Southern Europe.  Pictures to come very soon, I promise!!  Stopped by the store to drop off a sweet souvenir to Sally (say that 3x fast) and saw many empty holes in my booth.  Luckily I came home to 6 boxes of gorgeous new merchandise to bring up to my Gillyweed space ASAP.
Olivia and I on our tractor ride at the Blatiere Manade (ranch)
     I also had to reorder more leather cuffs and sentiments.. boy you guys are loving these unique bracelets.  The one above exemplifies our recent trip.. Life is either a great adventure or nothing!  All lovingly made in the United States too!  And look at the new cuff colors....
 Silver and Embossed Red.

Gorgeous.. Enjoy!

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