Saturday, December 22, 2012

Week 51... The Color of Wishes

Week 51.. I can hardly believe that this year long journey is about to come to an end!!  These last few weeks have been zooming by and I always forget to relax and enjoy the special moments this holiday season brings.  So I was very excited to go to my friends' annual holiday Christmas party.. it even had a special name, The Bow Tie Eggnog Bash.  I love themed parties and had fun picking out a special bow tie for my husband to wear.  Ahhh... a few hours out of our busy retail season to mingle with good friends, drink some good Bourbon spiked Eggnog, and let my dancing feet take me where they wanted to go.  About 2 hours into the festivities I get a call from 11 year old son,
"Mom, I found the Christmas presents... I am so sorry"
Me FREAKIN too!!!  You see my son still is a believer of Jolly ol' Saint Nick.  And while most would think that it was a blessing that he actually found all of his sister gifts and only one of his.. Diary of a Wimpy Kid book... what was I going to do now about Santa's gifts???  I couldn't very well say some of her gifts were from the big guy on Christmas morning.. the jig would be up!  So I've been rushing around this last week adding more items to each of their lists (Cha Ching) in order for Santa to save face.
Crazy... but truly I am loving it!!  Merry Christmas!!


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