Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Products for Spring

The one thing I learned while living in France.. many moons ago.. was that everyone knew how to set a table.  I don't mean which side of the plate the fork goes and where the dessert spoon is placed, I mean they always had gorgeous tablecloths and cotton napkins to help set the mood.  (Every few years we go back to visit family and I always bring home a colorful addition to my tablecloth collection.)  So I was so excited to find this company back in January and I knew I had to have them in my Gillyweed Booth!!  A beautiful tablecloth & napkins are essential elements for your picnic, backyard barbecue, and/or holiday affair.  Wouldn't the below Tahiti pattern be gorgeous for Easter???

3 patterns have arrived for now.. more on the way.  Hula, Tahiti, and Cicada are all 100% cotton.  For space allotment I only ordered the 60"x60" square so please contact me if you are interested in getting another size to fit your table.  We also carry the napkins in the Cicada and Tahiti patterns. (Hula coming soon).  Tablecloths are $34 and napkins are $5 each.

New are these beautiful creamers.. chicken and cow both $10 each.

And finally the quintessential beach bag in the Ensenada pattern.. $29, featuring pockets on both sides, inside, and having a zipper closure.
Are you ready for Spring yet???

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