Monday, August 27, 2012

Day trip to Atlanta

My friend Kenya, owner of Greenhouse Redesign, and I decided to have an adventure last Friday... and boy did we find one.  Have you ever been to South of Market in Atlanta???  Eye candy for the designer in all of us!  Kay Douglass has done an incredible job hunting down the most unique collection of furniture, pillows, architectural remnants, rugs, and lighting all under one roof.  Complete bliss....
After that we decided to head to My Favorite Place.. I blogged about this gem back in 2010.  Kenya found the most beautiful Spanish plates and batik fabric.  I found some French spice pots and this gorgeous clock case from Seth Thomas!! 

This one is missing the actual clock component but the case is in almost perfect condition.  After researching it online I found that it was built between 1860-1880 and is called a Steeple Clock for its cathedral like towers.  In mint condition, it would fetch $450. Wow- I love finds like that!!  I can't wait to see what we find on our next adventure Kenya!


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