Friday, February 18, 2011

another check on my "to do" list

Well I can check this off my list... I finally created an Etsy page where I will be selling some of my hand made items.  First up is my pattern for the Vintage Flirt Muslin Flower shown below.
This 10 step pattern only requires a needle, thread, glue gun, scissors, muslin fabric, bar pin back (or alligator clip) and a pretty blingy button or sequin applique.  The great thing about this flower is that it is FLAT.. which is very important if you want to put it on a headband, convert them into shoe clips, use a barrette, make into a bracelet, etc.  Pattern in $3.50 and will be sent to you in a word doc. format. 
Happy Sewing!


  1. Precious!! I love the organic quality of the petals and of course, the bling!

  2. At Anthropologie I saw some pillows with muslin flowers sewn on them.. beaucoup $$ too! Another great idea.