Friday, February 4, 2011

True Heart

Several new items came in this week at the Gillyweed house.. one of them being this sweet little 14k gold dipped heart charm.  The front of the card says.. "Wear this necklace and feel love surround you.  Give it and Get it." 

Give it and Get it... so true when it comes to my treasured and adored BRU (Bohemian Retailers Union) group.  This group was my lifesaver during the emotional roller coaster of selling The Vintage-Flea back in November.  We are an odd mix of retailers scattered throughout the United States and Europe with one goal in mind.. helping each other, promoting each other, inspiring each other, and making each other laugh!!

Although the group has almost 30 members.. I was able to meet up with a few of them this past Market in Atlanta.... Patty, Myself, Barbara, Michele, and Carol.  We definitely filled the "making each other laugh" requirement that night!

The latest post on our BRU blog involved these gorgeous paper hearts made by Etsy artist Paper Polaroid that I would like to share with you.  I have never been a big Valentine's day decorator but this I might have to order.. 
Or if you would like to try your own hand and heart making.. here is a great Ribbon Heart
 video (also provided my a BRU member) by Nashville Wraps.  Ready, set, create!!

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  1. Hi Val...I am so happy to be your friend and part of the BRU sisterhood!!! Those hearts make my heart "flutter" !!