Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spring.. please come soon!

a : to put or spread before the view 
 b : to make evident  
c : to exhibit ostentatiously

As retailers we know a thing or two about the art of the display and we are always in some form of planning for the next great "ooh ahh" display in our shops!  Since we usually buy our merchandise 6-12 months ahead of schedule, most of us already have our ideas down for Halloween and Christmas! So even though Valentine's day hasn't arrived yet... I am in the zone right now preparing for my spring exhibit inside the Gillyweed booth at The Vintage-Flea.  Aaahhhh Spring.. it couldn't get here fast enough for me either.  First I plan to make a huge birds nest out of  tree cuttings where I will be displaying some of my new bird pillows...

Then I plan on making some wonderful book bird houses and hang them from the ceiling...
 Maybe a few flowers to go along with the Spring theme...
 The latest issue of Green Craft magazine has some great instructions to make these pom pom flowers from book pages...
Want more inspiration... check out Su Blackwell portfolio!  This British artist will amaze you with her intricate and whimsical scenes.

Are you kidding me??  I'll just stick to my book folding and tending to my paper cuts.  Oh what we will do for a display!!

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  1. Do you offer classes Valerie??? Sounds like it is going to be all we need is the warmer weather!! :)