Thursday, January 26, 2012

Faux Encaustics... Faux indeed!

The one thing I DON'T like about doing Encaustic paintings is the cost... seriously it adds up.  Each small brick can cost up to $20, and medium brick up to $50.  So I love it when I have the opportunity to teach "tricks" that can either save on $$ or time.
The first such trick is using Gesso specifically made for Encaustic painting.  Another technique involves white tissue paper and chalk pastels... together they equal Faux Encaustics.  It's simple really.. draw your design onto a sheet of white tissue paper.  Prep your panel by painting a thin layer of Gesso, then a few layers of clear medium.  Fuse your layers with a heat gun.  Turn your tissue paper over (design down) and place it on top of your warm panel.  Paint another layer of clear medium on top of your tissue paper.. the design will show from behind.
Fuse your layers again with a heat gun.
Begin to carve into the wax using assorted tools.. basically you are outlining your design.
Then you are ready to add oil paint into the grooves and lines that you just etched.
Wipe off panel and excess oil paint with cheap vegetable oil... much better than mineral spirits!
Taa Daa.. your Faux Encaustic!
Kathleen & Leslie... great job!!
Lynn, Jan & Denise.. you make a teacher proud!! 

So there you have it.. the look of an Encaustic painting for 1/10 the price.  Now who could resist a bargain like that???


Upcoming class ideas are Bowl of Lemons, Spring Leaves (gold leaf method), Nesting, Photo Encaustics, and Landscapes.  Make sure you are a Gillyweed fan on facebook to find out class times and prices.

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