Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gillyweed Style...

I haven't had too much time to show you all the goodies that have come into the Gillyweed booth lately.  Believe me.. it looked pretty bare in there after the Christmas holiday.  To say you wiped me out would be an understatement!!  But shipments are arriving daily now and I am unpacking, pricing, and merchandising as fast as I can.  I couldn't NOT show you some of my new bracelets that have come in...
especially after they were featured in the recent InStyle Magazine!!  Love these beauties..
I have them currently in Aqua, Black, Gold, Red, and Orange.  $24 each.
They'll become your new favorite accessory this year!!  Pick yours up at the Gillyweed Booth located inside The Vintage-Flea in downtown Newnan, or by emailing me at



  1. Well the bracelets were the ones featured.. I'm just lucky enough to be carrying them in my shop at the same time!

  2. edit... I meant to say inside Gillyweed booth which is located inside The Vintage-Flea in downtown Newnan.