Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Fish, A Dress, An Eiffel Tower... and a Tornado!

The day started out innocently enough... small class of 3 for my Faux-Caustics workshop.  Easy Peasy!  We started prepping our boards with faux white wax (gesso made for Encaustics), then several layers of medium (clear).  While everything was drying we started doodling on tissue paper with chalk pastels.  When the happy campers were satisfied with their designs, we embedded them onto our panels and started the fusing process....
until the sirens went off!!  Sirens.. OMG!  There are apparently 8 outdoor weather warning sirens in downtown Newnan that warns you of a possible tornado within a 1 mile radius.  Not only did the sirens start to ring but everybody's phone was blowing up, telling us to get to safety ASAP!
Safety to us was a 8x8 art supply closet in the center of the Corner Arts Gallery.  Jenny, the owner, had the smart idea to take out the ladders first before we all piled into it.  Here are Olivia & Ansley saying their goodbyes!  Gail said we should all put our ID's into our pockets!  Jenny was talking on the phone to her son-in-law who happens to be a firefighter... "it's coming" she kept saying.  Then, just like that, it was over!  Back to work everyone.. time for oil pastels!
And there you go.. what a memorable class!  Thanks to Gail, Carol, Ansley and my helper Olivia for making it extra special (and fun).


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