Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fixin 8 Jefferson...

Just a few shots of the interior before the demolition crew gets in here on Monday morning.  First this is the picture of the 2 large windows which will be replaced.  There will be transom windows put above them for extra light and character.
As soon as I walked in the door the very first time and saw this exposed brick wall.. I knew I was home.
Here is where the brick ends.. the green box in the middle of the rooom will be torn down on Monday to make for more square footage.  This was used as an office at one time.
Here is a picture of the inside of that said office.. I'm debating on keeping the bookshelves.
Okay so here is the other side of the room.  I'll have to put some kind of wood treatment inside the niches so that art work can be hung. 
Here is a picture from about 1/2 to the front.  The panels above the windows will be the future transom windows.  Under the carpet tiles is concrete that will be sanded down then either painted or stained.
Still 1/2 way.. turning around to see the rest of the building.  Green box (to be torn down) on left and yellow office (storage room) on right.  Here you can see all the exposed duct work too.
Just outside the office and this is what I see of the back space.  The blue room is part of the green box which will be gone.  The 2nd door is the bathroom and then you have a kitchenette space.  A 10x4 wall will be constructed to hide the kitchenette more.
Today I sat under my favorite brick wall and watched paint dry.  I  painted several paint samples on the wall to see what works best in the sunlight... I think I am down to 2 now.
All from Sherwin Williams.. Versatile Gray, Collanade Gray, Mindful Gray, and Repose Gray.  Which one do you like??  As I mentioned before, demolition starts on Monday so I'll get back with you all soon with new pictures.


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  1. omg! brick! i love the brick! parallel lives here ... kinda ... sorta ... well ... maybe not exactly ... lol ... i emptied out my basement to "create" and first on my list was to paint two concrete walls to look like brick! and then catching up with u this morning ... brick!!! *smile* ... about the paint ... practically my whole house is a pottery barn gray and i'm so happy with it! but ... sorry ... which paint color to go with there ... hmmm ... i can't commit ... lol ... pics r sooo hard ... i know u will pick just the right one tho! {hugs}