Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mosaic Monday...

Recently a customer came into The Vintage-Flea and asked Sally about my lamp that I had hanging in my Gillyweed booth.  You see I hung this lamp over a table full of Christmas decorations a few months ago and it was stunning.  Anyways she had asked Sally how much it was and since it had no price tag.. Sally called me.  Well, you see.. this lamp was so easy to make I didn't want to sell it.  Sounds a little strange, right??
I would feel bad about selling something that was so easily made at home and besides, I have greater plans for my little lamp.  Instead the customer bought 6 yards of the shade material and instructions on how to make it herself.  First you get a Tomato cage, Tree Guard, Plant Stake.. whatever.  I actually found mine in the neighborhood trash dumpster.
Then you cover the fencing in the burlap fabric.. (I sell them in 3yard sections in my booth for $16.00).  I actually tied the burlap onto the frame with twine.
Use some of the twine to hang your new shade from your ceiling, drop in a hanging bulb et voilà, you are done.  Here are some other fantastic DIY light projects that you can also do at home...
The Crab Shack in Tybee Island had these light fixtures all over the place.. all apple baskets.
Wired egg baskets are drilled into a piece of 2x4.. If you want one completely finished for you, Resurrect Antiques has one for sale in Opelika, Al.
I'm loving this colorful twist on the basket pendants.
Finally look no further than your hardware store for some other great DIY lights fixtures.. I think these are from old duct vents.  Still need more inspiration??
For my Mosaic Monday I have put together some industrial fixtures that are full of texture and whimsy.  Wire baskets, industrial sieves, factory wire whisks, and one perfect basket.

This Mosaic has been linked up to the Little Red House.  Images found on Pinterest and Google.



  1. What fun and unique lamps! I really love that black wire basket...very fun! ♥

  2. I like these unique and industrial style light fixtures...some are so perfectly shabby chic. They make a great mosaic!

  3. Really enjoyed the lamps.. fun pinspiration!!

  4. Just amazing what a person can do with a bit of imagination! ::Jill

  5. I noticed your burlap lamp a couple of months ago and thought it was pretty great looking too. Thanks for sharing directions.

  6. Very creative and unique lamps. Thanks for sharing. I wish you a great week and a Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. I adore the industrial look and want to incorporate it into my home. Thanks so much for sharing directions on how to make one. Love your photos, btw.

  8. I'll look at my tomato cages in a new light now!

  9. Oh these all look like such fun to make...I especially like the first 2!!! Happy Valentine's Day~