Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mosaic Monday

Ring Ring Ring.. "Hello?".. "Hey, this is Philip.  I have a counter for you for Gillyweed."  That was the call I got a few weeks ago from my favorite frame maker, cabinet maker, and craftsman extraordinaire!!  So off we go to Philip's cow farm to see said future counter. 
Philip is a bus driver during the day....cow wrangler & auction junkie during the night and weekends.  If he can make a buck off of it.. he will buy it. 
Philip opening up the gate to one of 3 farms that he leases for his cows.
Brice shutting the gate.. don't let those cows out!
Petting the 2 day old calf.
Philip's barn.. I swear one huge gust of wind will knock this thing down.
Brice and Philip's helper, Zi, headed off on a tractor ride while we went to see the famous counter in the milking barn.
Okay.. I can work with that!
Philip (I did say craftsman extraordinaire, right?) will be able to fix this right up!!
Iron feet are the cherries on top.
Ah the Farm life.. I wonder if I could live that way???

Happy Mosaic Monday to you.  This Mosaic is linked up to Little Red House.  All photos are from Pinterest and pictures from Philip's farm. 



  1. It's good to have friends who are on the lookout for you. Looks like it will be a cool counter and also looks like the visit to the farm was fun!

  2. Great find. Should look lovely when finished. Thanks for the tour of the farm.

  3. WOW! I love your cowboy boots! What fun to see all of the photos of your life...very different from mine in a condo! Enjoy your evening!

  4. Great Mosaic! Those are the cutest pig rolls I've ever seen. I love all your photos. The cows, the boots everything.
    Happy Easter.

  5. What a wonderful mosaic! I love the colorful boots! Thanks so much for sharing at Mosaic Monday! xoxo

  6. What a great counter. It will be fun to see what you do with it.

  7. What a wonderful day at the farm. Love the counter and the cows. The pig rolls are so cute. Wonderful mosaic and photos. Have a great week!

  8. That counter will be fabulous. The pig rolls are too cute.

  9. Well, Valerie, I think your photos are great. and I love the stories about the farmer!! I for one, would love to see what that cabinet looks like after it is done! Fabulous find!! I'm a new follower. I'm visiting you from Little Red House's Mosaic Monday. Isn't she just great!!?!
    Thanks for sharing your photos.
    Down Memory La La Lane
    PS. love the pig rolls....

  10. Love the pig rolls, thanks for sharing. Can't ready word verification, please remove.