Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Week 15... The Color of Whimsy

The hunt is now on to find all 25 painted horses in and around downtown Newnan.  "We're having a Horsey Affair" art exhibit has officially begun and downtown looks beautiful & whimsical!  So far I have found only 12 of them.  Some are painted in vibrant colors...
and some are painted more realistic.
All are spectacularly done by local artists.  Kudos to Newnan!!


*** Update..I've had a couple of people ask...The Hose Art show will continue through Mid-July.


  1. How fun!!!! Aren't they beautiful???!!!!

  2. Is your shop in Atlanta? Please let me know sister-in-law lives in Woodstock and would love to visit when you open. I would too, but I'm in Central Florida. Next time I come north, I'll be there. Love your blog.

  3. Hi Joyce!! The shop is locted in Newnan which is 20 minutes South of the airport. My opening will be May 1st (fingers crossed). Hope you get a chance to visit!!

  4. Thanks. I'll be reading your blog and watching for your opening.