Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week 17... The Color of Determination

Today my sweet Brice had his first ever Track Meet where he participated in the 50m dash and the 400m relay.  (Brice is 2nd from right with black & red shorts)  Boy was he ever both nervous and excited for this upcoming event!  But once he got on the track, his focus and determination was all on the prize... the finish line.  I'm feeling like this a bit lately with my eye on my prize.. the opening of Gillyweed.  I have to tell you this week has been rough on me as the floor finally gotten painted this weekend (one week behind schedule) and we finally were able to move in the fixtures.  With opening day right around the corner, I too have been surviving on focus and determination!!
So with that said, I am having my Grand Opening on May 1st from 3pm-7pm & May 2nd from 10am-5pm.  Our Grand Opening will include a preview sale that you will definitely want to take advantage of (Mother's Day ** Hint Hint).  Plus we will be giving away some fabulous prizes!!
So wish me luck as I plow through these next couple of days. I hope I see some of you on opening day!!



  1. So how did your boy do at the track meet? My 15 year old daughter runs distance in track, and in the fall she runs cross country. As a mother, I'm always nervous at these meets as I want my child to succeed, but also I want her to know what it is like to fail--and work through that failure.

    I can feel your excitement as you get closer to the grand opening, and I'm excited for you too! I wish I were close enough to visit on the special day!

    1. Gosh I can't believe I forgot to add that.. he came in 2nd by a hair!!

  2. Hi Valerie! Hubby and I got an ice cream at the coffee shop this evening and then walked over to "Gillyweed" ... i love the quote on the windows ... such a pretty font and i love that you chose white!! I'm so excited about your new place!!! I have been painting and have some 8x8 and 8x10 reproductions of my work ... do you have any plans to do consignment? Please let me know ...