Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week 18... The Color of Imagination

One of the highlights of going to Senoia, Ga. for a day of shopping is passing by Barbie Beach.  This odd gem is located on hwy 16 between Sharpsburg and Senoia.  It even has its' own facebook fan page with over 2,400 members!!  How awesome is that!!  I'm not quite sure how often the owners change up the display but this one has to be one of my favorites.  Who wouldn't want to join the ladies and have a drink at Mort's Bar!  Owners Lynda and Steve Quicks said in a Times Herald interview that they have no shortage of props.  Donations from the community include barbies, jeeps, cars, motorcycles, and anything that goes along with Barbies.  Well everything except for clothes because everytime I drive by, these ladies prefer to party in the buff.  Reminds me of the time we accidentally wandered onto a nudist beach in France.... ah but that is a story for another time!!


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