Thursday, May 24, 2012

Week 21... The Color of Treats

So I had this whole other blog post in my mind for Week 21... The Color of Treats.  Yesterday Olivia and I "treated" ourselves to pedicures and I picked out the coolest chartreuse color for my little toes!! Yes I know what your thinking.. chartreuse??  You see tonight was the annual Mama Fest that my dear friend Sally puts on at her house.  It is the who's who of Newnan and I am always honored to get invited.  Long story short, I was showing off the green piggies to another friend this morning.. telling her to look at my "Mermaid Toes".  When she promptly replies, "Mermaid's don't have toes".  Darn!  There goes my funky week 21 post idea.  Not a problem.. I have another "Treat" that we indulged in recently to show off! 
So there you have week in a nutshell.  Full of fun treats with daughters, friends, and one very delicious monster!!

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