Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mosaic Monday... Chalkboard Font

Yesterday evening I happened to catch a new HGTV show called Junk Gypsies. During the 30 minutes, they transformed an airstream trailer for country music star Dierks Bentley and they mentioned hiring a professional chalk writer to do a custom chalkboard sign.... who?? what??  Wait a minute... rewind please.  What the heck is a professional chalk writer??
So researching a bit I found that this is a big time career option in some areas of the country, New York and Portland to name a few.  Graphic artists are hired to scribble, draw, and write on chalk board for major companies on a per square foot basis.  One amazing site to visit for this profession is Custom Chalk.  CJ Huges specializes in wedding signs which can be purchased on his etsy site.
His work makes me think of my friend and ex-employee Julie McKinney.. she made incredible signs for The Vintage-Flea when I owned that store.  I don't know what I missed most when she left.. her bubbly personality or incredible penmanship!!  Another artist that I admire is Kyndal Frazier.  He makes these gorgeous signs for Resurrect Antiques in Opelika, AL.  I need to improve my handwriting!!!!!
Well.. at least I can fake it by purchasing a Chalk Font to use in Photoshop!!
To see a chalkboard artist in action.. visit here.  You'll be so impressed, you will want to raid your kids chalk stash and give it a whirl!!
Here are some more wonderful examples of chalkboard signs found on Pinterest for Mosaic Monday.  If I had a do-over, I would have gone to school for Graphic Design instead of Marketing!!  This mosaic has been linked up to Little Red House.  Have a great week!!



  1. Thank You! By the way, Kyndal Frazier is a girl! haha But thank you :)

  2. Hey Valerie!! This is Anne from The Good "Buy" Girls. Just wanted to let you know that Mom and I are having a MASSIVE sale at her house this Friday from 5-8 in the evening and Saturday from 8-2. We've pulled out everything from our storage unit, basements, garages, etc... I posted some pics on craigslist list (it's listed as an Estate Sale) and on access coweta. Lots of vintage, some retro, old galvanized buckets, tons of wrought iron pieces, furniture, etc... Check out my blog to get an idea of the type of things we'll be selling. Hope all is well with your new adventure!! The store looks great!!

  3. Whow these look great , always great artists around. do you use chalk ink markers.

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  5. Thanks for the shout out, I do book and magazine art as well. CJ -

  6. Thanks for the shout out, I do book and magazine art as well. CJ -