Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week 19... The Color of Observation

Last week I was acting like Tour Guide Barbie, showing my High School Best Peep around the quaint little town of Newnan.  We stopped real quick at the Greenville Street park to see 4 beautifully decorated horses when Helen said to me, "You have a Taqueria?".  "A what, who, huh??" I then responded.  She made me look across the street to see the Spanish mini market! 
Interesting, I've never noticed it before.  Later, while working at Gillyweed, we were looking through our stack of take-out menus and had 2 customers tell us where to find authentic Mexican food.  You guessed it.. The Taqueria!  So now we were more curious then ever.....
Inside the market you will find aisles of Spanish grocery products, unique veggies,
unique meat options,
and an amazing selection of spices.  But go a little further and you will find...
the restaurant.  Advice.. download an Spanish translator app on your smart phone before you go!
The menu is all in Spanish!!
I got the Steak Empanadas... OMG they were AMAZING!
And the Sangria flavored soda (non alcoholic) was the cherry on top!
The Market/Taqueria is open M-F from 10-8:30pm and Sat/Sun from 10-9:30pm.  If you are up for an adventure in downtown Newnan.. I would highly recommend this one!!


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