Thursday, May 17, 2012

Week 20... The Color of Innocence

The Color of Innocence is what I am calling this beautiful picture.  This poor birdie was found in my house being tortured by my misbehaved hound mutt named Mollie.  I threaten to take that girl back to the pound every day!!  So this poor thing was playing dead.. smart bird... when I found it and rescued it from the
red headed, four legged monster.  She just sat in my hand, breathing really hard and fast.  I think she was in shock!   Brice and I checked her wings & legs to see if anything had broken which would have been a sure sign that she'd be dead in a few hours.  She was 100% fine.  We stroked her gently and soothed her down with our voices.  We placed her on a very high tree branch... because by this time we had attracted the attention of our 2 curious cats... and hoped for the best.  Several hours later, Brice went to check the bird and it was gone.  Hopefully she flew away to sing another day...and to stay away from open patio doors!!
Speaking of birds.. only 2 bird pillows remain at Gillyweed.  Only $35 each!


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