Thursday, May 3, 2012

Grand Opening

After several months of renovations, Gillyweed finally opened for business this past Tuesday!!
We had a great crowd on Tuesday and then again yesterday for our Preview sale.  I'm glad some were able to take advantage of our in store promotions.  Thank you to everyone for your wonderful compliments, words of encouragement, and overall excitement. 
Along with the opening, I've been busy with two large custom orders that are due this week... 50 tiles for a wedding and 100 key tags for an amazing shop in NJ.  Busy, Busy, I tell ya!!
Here are some pictures of the shop that I took right before our opening.....
Be sure to check back next Monday for my Mosaic Monday (Sorry I missed it this past week) where I will show before and after shots of the shop!!!  You'll be amazed at the difference!



  1. Best Wishes! Your store looks amazing! I'll be visiting soon- I see so many great items!