Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mosaic Monday

If you grew up with wood paneling in the 70's and 80's... raise your hand!!  We had one room in our house.. a converted garage that was turned into my father's smoking room.  Wood paneling everywhere.
 It was awful.  That was wood paneling then, and this is wood paneling now!  The entire Southern Living Showcase Home in Senoia has white paneling boards for walls.  It was so beautiful.. fresh, clean, simple.  I loved it!
Here is the picture of the Master Bedroom which I had to take so that I could put this chandelier (from Ballards) on my Christmas list.  Hopefully Santa got my hints and the rug is going to be put in my stocking.
The Master Bathroom... again that white paneling which is actually a Sherwin Williams white called Pearly White.   I caught the paneling bug and started fixing up the back room at Gillyweed over the weekend.  I was torn between painting or not painting... decided to go "au naturel" for the time being.
Here is the wall completed and the pine wood makes it smell so nice in the room.  Ready now to merchandise and bring in my new clothing lines.
Not inspired yet??  Here are some great pictures that I took from Pinterest for Mosaic Monday.  I haven't done a Mosaic Monday in awhile- blame it on my lazy summer attitude. LOL!  Nevertheless, here we have some great ideas using regular boards and salvaged boards.  If you still can't commit.. the LOVE sign would be a great DIY project to get you started!!
This Mosaic Monday has been linked up to Little Red House.  Have a wonderful week.




  1. I like the white wood panels, they do look lovely. I love the white and blue together. You can get some great ideas from Pinterest.

  2. I had a paneled kitchen that was painted yellow...I loved it! Everything looks so fresh with nice colors!

  3. The natural pine looks great, can't wait to see what else you add. Enjoy your week:)

  4. Fun pinspiration. I like the white wood panels, too.

  5. Fun to see the different applications! Oh, how I remember the dark wood paneling!

  6. That first photo looked familiar to me - wood paneling, green carpet. I'm glad that's over with. Love the white painted paneling, though, and the natural pine.

  7. Interesting indeed. Actually, we have one bedroom with floral paneling...done that way before we purchased the house. I like it. I won't be changing it! Have a wonderful week! Cathy