Friday, July 6, 2012

Week 27... The Color of 100+ Degrees

It was H*O*T this week... over 100 degrees most of the time. 
We didn't lay around the whole week though like my kitty Cashew, we visited great friends in Lake Martin.  Here we tried new things like tubing, skiing, and jumping off 25' high docks.  I won't be doing the jumping thing again anytime soon!
Olivia and Brice trying to catch each other
Even Albert got in on the action
4 little monkey sitting on the bed... Brice trying to get onto the other tube in mid pull.  It worked 1/2 the time.
Mid-week we tortured our dog Molly.. just kidding!!  She eventually got used to the fireworks.
Finally ended the week with some amazing Grammy time! (and Frank too)
So how did you beat the heat this week??


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