Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Week 28... The Color of Shop to you Drop

It's that time of the year again!! The ultimate shopping week has arrived and once again I headed up to Atlanta to fight through the crowds of the Americas Mart.  This is the place where I find several new products, artists, and ideas for Gillyweed.  Although I am focusing on 4th quarter items for Halloween and Christmas, I did manage to find some great new products from artist Kelly Rae.
I've carried several of her things before when I was at The Vintage-Flea but man has she branched out and added some fun new products.  Just look at these amazing cuff bracelets!!
Love! Love! Love!  I'll be going back up on Friday to scour through the 4 buildings .. most of them having 16 or more floors of merchandise to pick through.  See how hard I work for you all???  Hee Hee



  1. Did you eat at Ray's afterwards?? I should meet you there sometime for old times sake! Enjoy shopping. It was one of my favorite things to do with ya!

  2. Just finding your blog/website/FB, etc. These you have them in stock yet? If not, any idea on the anticipated date?? They are adorable.

  3. We did get them in Christa! Email me at and I will send you pictures of the 5 different styles. Thanks!!