Friday, June 29, 2012

Affordable Luxury...

Yesterday was a slower day at Gillyweed but I was able to get tons done... changing merchandise around, cleaning out back room, the usual.  Then 20 minutes till closing a gorgeous brunette came into the store with a heavy spanish accent- you all know I am a sucker for accents- and started telling me about her leather accessories from her country, Paraguay.  I'm not a big fan of reps coming into the store sans appointment...especially 20 minutes before closing!!  But I am so thankful that I listened because we are now carrying Hand Tooled and Cruelty-Free Leather wallets from Paraguay.
Paraguay is located between Brazil and Argentina and is very rich in culture.  Embroidery & Lace are the two main exports of this country which is quite evident from seeing the designs in the leather.
 Look at these beautiful colors.. tab over wallets, $29 each.
These enveloppe style wallets are also handmade in Paraguay by skilled leather artisans, $33 each
I think it is a fabulous addition to Gillyweed and we will be developing the line further with hand bags, passport covers, key chains, and much much more.


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