Friday, June 8, 2012

Week 23.... The Color of Discovery

Today I had the pleasure of taking my 13 year old daughter to the America's Mart in Atlanta.  Do you know this place??  Well it is where retailers from around the world come throughout the year to purchase the new "latest" and "greatest" for their stores.  The America's Mart has 4 buildings with most of them housing 20 floors of showroom after showroom of new product.  It is truly unbelievable.  Children under 13 are not allowed to come to the show, babies are the exception.  So it was definitely a special day for both Olivia and I because she could finally go with me to a show.... better yet, The Apparel Show.
I wish I could have taken a picture of her jaw hitting the ground the moment we walked into the mart.  Building one is where we parked but building 3 had all the action!!  We walked the temps together, going over possible clothing collections to bring into Gillyweed, saw a few fashion shows, and went shopping for ourselves.  I loved our Mommy & Daughter bonding time together!
She was a wonderful side kick helping pick out patterns and styles for our kitchen textiles coming soon from Funktion.  She also assisted in choosing some baubles from a new jewelry supplier.  Seriously she was a great assist and I loved that she saw another part of my job of store ownership.  And from the long nap she took all the way home, I'm guessing she had a fun filled incredible day with me as well.


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  1. So awesome..I love sharing my shop life with my daughter, who is 22. She helps in displays and ordering, but she has not yet gone to the market. Maybe next time!